Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geared up for fall

I have been looking forward to the fall for months. The summers in Korea are unbearable to me. I'm hoping to have a few cozy knits ready for October. I already have my Swallowtail Shawl ready to go. My vintage cardigan is nearly finished. I'm working on the very last piece. There will be a lot of sewing up to do on this project, though. I haven't taken any photos of it lately because it just looks like a heap of yarn. I was looking at the pattern and trying to find a date, but I just can't find it. Anyone want to take a guess? This is the cover of the book and the pattern photo is below.
A few posts back I mentioned I needed a bus/subway project. I finally found it. I have never crocheted a blanket before. I thought I would not be able to stay interested in it long enough to finish it. But I bought a bunch of yarn at a tent sale at Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario last time I was home. I'm not sure why I even bought it. I think I did have an afghan in mind because I also bought a Terry Kimbrough book. Anyway, I have maybe twelve balls of this blue stuff I don't even like that much. What else to do with it that make an afghan? In order to keep it small enough to keep in my purse, I chose a squares pattern. This way I only have to carry around a hook and a ball of yarn, rather than half a blanket. I settled on a Drops pattern that was easily memorizable and very "holey." I want this thing to work up fast so that it's done for the first cool day. The pattern calls for twenty squares, but I'm going to keep making them until I'm nearly out of yarn. I'm on square fourteen now.


Downtown Girl said...

Wow I wish I knew how to knit. I mentioned before, sewing is probably my best skill right now lol. I admire those who know how to knit. I always see knitters as someone who have the most patience in the world.
Love the dress you made for Grace ^_^


Sarah said...

Well, I admire those that can sew! It's something I plan to take up when I return to Canada.

Downtown Girl said...

You will do wonderful in sewing with the patience you have knitting all those beautiful dresses and cardigans.