Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been procrastinating too much lately and many things are suffering for it. Now that I'm starting a new writing project next week, I'll be busier and have more to accomplish in a shorter time. I don't want to get overwhelmed like last time. In fact, I want to work faster so that I can take on more projects.

With this thought in mind this morning, I got out a brand new planner. I used to use planners (agendas?) a lot before I had a baby. I had one with me at all times. I used it to record meetings, things to remember, money in and out, to-do lists, etc. Now that I have so much on my plate with work, and housework, and caring for a toddler, I can easily feel overwhelmed and I forget things often. So, my planner is my new best friend again.After eating that jjajang rice and drinking that coffee (yes, the fake one, too), I cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen (including the entire fridge), and made Grace some soup for the weekend. I feel ready to take on this new writing project. Hopefully this feeling lasts more than a week.

I'll end this post with a recently finished project. It's a little teddy bear that I adore. But I am being careful not to get too attached to him as he's going to a new home. He was so quick to crochet up, you wouldn't believe it. It's the sewing together that is the annoying part. This little guy has yarn eyes, but I recently received a gmarket order with some snazzy new safety eyes for dolls like this. The vendor also has a website. I recommend going to that link. The stuff is really cute.I worked hard today. Time to relax with some knitting.

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