Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flora Dress

I've finally finished (sort of) Flora Dress. It was a great pattern. The only mistake I made was doing the shirring in the bodice too tight. It kind of looks cute without the straps, but Grace doesn't like the tightness around her torso and keeps pulling it down. In order for her to get any wear out of it, I'm going to have to take out the elastic (which took forever to weave in) and add some straps. No biggie. It'll still look cute. I'm glad I got some use out of this cotton yarn I've had in my stash for years. I have plenty more in different colours to use up, though.Oh, I forgot to post a picture of this cute little cup of coffee I made. The pattern is here, although I made some changes. I just love it. I think it would be fun to crochet a whole table setting.


Mama Seoul said...

The teacups are so cute and I love the dress!

C├ęcile said...

The dress is adorable, but little Grace is even more adorable. What a cutie.

Oh, I like the coffee cup too.

Sarah said...

Karen - Thanks! The small crocheted figures are surprisingly easy and quick to make.

Cecile - Thanks for stopping by. The projects on your blog are.... wow... I can only hope I can knit like that some day!