Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A lot on my plate

Things have taken an interesting turn regarding a business opportunity I was looking into in my hometown in Canada. If it works out, this opportunity would be perfect for me. It would be a lot of work, but I'm totally up for it. My biggest problem right now is that I feel so stuck and helpless here on another continent. My sister has been talking on my behalf to the owner of the business I am interested in, and it looks like I am going to be making some phone calls very soon.

I feel very overwhelmed by everything I must do to try to put my plan into motion. First and foremost, I have to get in SJ's application for permanent residence. Otherwise, we cannot send our money to Canada to acquire said business. And even once we get his residency papers, then we have to find new tenants for our apartment, which could take a couple of days, or months. If we succeed in getting his residence, getting rid of our apartment, and getting to Canada, then we have lots of talking with banks and lawyers to see if it if all feasible in the end. And what if it all falls apart before we even get to Canada. That is a possibility as well.

So I am trying to wrap my head around all this while also trying teach, write books, care for Grace, and do all those other little things that come up day to day. I spent over an hour this morning trying to figure out how to save a fillable pdf form. I only wrote one unit when my goal was two. The house is a mess and it's just about time to pick up Grace from daycare. I know it's cliche to say this, but I really wish there were more hours in a day.

Oh yes, and I have several requests for cupcakes and teddy bears since I posted the pics on facebook. Something to fall back on, I guess.


MommyCha said...

Exciting news for you about the business opportunity! Hope it works out for you guys! It can be hard work but satisfying. Of course cupcakes and teddy bears would be an awesome venture too! ^.~

Downtown Girl said...

hi Sarah,
I'm praying everything will work out for you and your family. I know it will. Just take everything one thing at a time. It'll work out. Stay positive ^_^

How do I order one of those cupcakes? So cute! I would like to order one for my daughter. Let me know how.


Sarah said...

S - Yes, I really want this opportunity works out. I will tell you more about it when I see you next. It would be right up my alley.

Lita- I plan on opening an Etsy shop soon, so I'll definitely be posting about it here when it's ready to go. Glad you like them!