Thursday, August 26, 2010

New friend

I finally made a friend here in Uijeongbu. He has a really cool blog. Lots of great info on Korean culture and great pictures, too. It's nice to know someone else close by. I have lots of great friends in Seoul, but don't see them as much as I would like because the trip in is too far with a toddler. I've been thinking it would be nice to have some friends in town, so here's a start. He, Sejin, and I had sam gyup sal for lunch near Uijeongbu Station. Nice to be out and about with new people even on a dreary, rainy day!


Downtown Girl said...

hi Sarah,
I am a new follower of your blog! Just want to say hi and tell you that I enjoy your blog so much. My husband is Korean (though he was born and raised in NYC). We have a 7-month old daughter. She looks so Korean ^_^

I enjoy the crafty things you do. You're so talented!!! I sew but that's about it. Not so good with everything else. Maybe one day I will learn other skills ^_^

Thank you for sharing your world with us ^_^


Sarah said...

I'm glad you enjoy it, Lita! Do you live in the States? Have you ever visited Korea?

Downtown Girl said...

I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm originally from Indonesia and moved here in year 2000.

Two years ago in April we (my husband and I) visited my family in my home country and we had a 24-hour layover in Korea. We didn't venture out the airport though. We did spend the night at the hotel inside the Incheon airport. I even liked the airport!! lol.

We're planning on visiting my family again next year and this time we're going to take our daughter, Audrey and we'll be spending few days in Korea. At first we were thinking of going in April but now I feel like we should go during winter time in America. Do you have suggestion on the best time to visit Korea? Does it get really cold in the winter? I am not so much a winter person lol. I am so looking forward to visiting Korea next year ^_^

Warm Regards,

Sarah said...

The seasons are the same as they are in America....winter is during the same time since we're in the northern hemisphere here. It gets quite cold in the winter in Korea, so if you're not a winter person, definitely don't come in December, January, or February. I think the best time to come is in the spring or the fall. May seems to be a perfect months, as is October.
Have fun planning your trip~!

Downtown Girl said...

You know what's funny. I was just telling my husband that I think I'd like to visit Korea in October next year since I am planning to stay in my country for 2 months.
I don't want to miss Thanksgiving or Christmas over here. So I said to him, going early October and come back here right before Thanksgiving would be perfect.
Looking forward to our trip next year ^_^