Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doilies for inspiration

I'm afraid I feel another doily kick coming on. I go in spurts with my projects. Sometimes I'm so focused on knitting, then crocheted toys, then baby stuff, etc. Since starting my Jane Austen filet crochet doily I've been feeling the urge to do more doilies. Then I came across a discussion on the Doily Heads board on Ravelry about creative uses for doilies. A lot of good ideas. I love these:

Here is the photos source and the blog post about them. A guy is using his mom's doilies to decorate his pottery. I think they're very pretty.Then there's this artist who is actually using the doilies to imprint designs on her pottery. These are beautiful.I love wasting time at night looking at this stuff.

I thought I would let you all know what my doilies are up to these days. Since Grace has a fondness for them (she calls them "flowers"), I had them put away for the longest time. I started to miss them. I saw a post on another hooker's blog where she had pinned her doilies to the fence outside for a summer barbecue. I thought, I should pin up my doilies, too. So one night I just pinned them to the wall. I think Sejin thought I was losing my mind.


Becky said...

Those are beautiful. I don't know where you find the time.

Gerry said...

That's such a clever decoration idea. I think they would really stand out on a coloured wall.

Sarah said...

Becky - I made those doilies over several years. I don't have much time for complicated doilies these days. But I miss doing them.

Gerry - Yeah, I never thought of hanging them up before I saw that woman's blog. I might make some small doilies and put them in frames or embroidery hoops on some dark fabric.