Sunday, November 25, 2007

Move a success! And life is very busy

The move went very smoothly. There were no problems at all. I couldn't believe how quick and efficient the movers were. Only in Korea could you have four people come to your house, pack up all your stuff, move it, unpack it in your new place, and then clean up after themselves for $500! It was great.
So, Sejin and I are settling in well. The place is coming together and slowly becoming more and more cozy. Sleeping on a bed has been wonderful. Getting a kitchen island was the best decision I ever made. I ordered curtains for the living room yesterday. I get to pick those up next weekend = exciting! Toto is settling in well, too.

While I was so busy preparing for the move and after we moved in, I was very busy. Work was busy. I got calls to do several TV shows...had several auditions and failed them -- well, got one, but then it was cancelled. I ended up doing "Sponge," which was a lot of fun because I really like that show. I used to edit the subtitles for it when I worked at Furmo and it was one of the few shows I enjoyed, so it was great to be on it! I played a nurse to the doctor who gave the first lobotomies. It was just a small part, but it's been on several times so far. While chatting with Miae on messenger today, she said, "I think I saw you on TV...were you a nurse?"
I shot another popular Korea show (위기탈출 넘버원) last Wednesday which I don't know the English name for. It was a major part, so I'm in much of the program. The money was crap, but I just did it for the experience because I've never had a role that big. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Korean PDs will always try to fit in multiple days of work into one day. We shot for 17 hours, most of which was outside in sub zero temperatures (there was snow on the ground!) and I was without a jacket for some of it, even laying on the road! At 1:30 a.m. I decided enough was enough. They didn't even give us a proper dinner -- not even drinks...So I threatened to leave the set unless it wrapped up FAST. So it ended on a bad note, but I'm glad I did it and I'm looking forward to seeing myself playing this part.

So, because I've been taking days here and there off of work to do these TV jobs, I'm so behind in my work! I've spent all of today working from home, trying to catch up. I figure by Tuesday I'll be back on track. I'm going to have to be a little more picky about the jobs I take on.

It's been a good weekend nonetheless. Yesterday I intended to do my work, but ended up shopping in Dongdaemun and Jongno with Meg. Last night I made some magnets for my fridge...

Oh, yes, my Total Tote knitting bag arrived on Friday! I'm really excited. It's a nice bag with tonnes of little compartments for my DPNs, stitch holders, measuring tape, scissors, buttons, etc. Maybe it's just exciting for me, but anyway...

Time to start getting ready for work tomorrow. Perhaps some knitting before bed...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tomorrow's the big day

Well, tomorrow is the day. The movers will come at 2:30, pack our stuff and move us to Jegi-dong. It's really exciting. Our bed, kitchen island, and bookshelves are also coming tomorrow. It's going to be weird adjusting to a new area. I really liked living in Edae. Everything was so convenient. Just on the way home was a pharmacy, our vet, several restaurants, tailors, and convenience stores. I have also come to know a lot of the business owners in the area and say hello to some of them daily. I'll be starting from scratch in Jegi! Oh well, maybe I'll even like the new area better.
My birthday was last Saturday. I decided for once in my adult life that I wanted to have a little get-together with my friends. It was good. We had dinner at a restaurant called Vicolo, which was alright (poor service and the food wasn't that good), and then went to a little bar in Shinchon called Watts on Tap. I think everyone had a good time and it was nice to get together with some friends.
So, tonight we have some last minute stuff to do before tomorrow, mainly packing our valuables which we'll take ourselves tomorrow.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


As usual, I've been poor at posting. I hope that will change after we move and things die down a little. It turns out that being kicked out of our apartment by our nutso landlady was a good thing because we're moving into a much nicer place. Things always seem to work out for the best. I'm glad all that stressing is over. I was so afraid we would have to move into another crappy place, but instead, we're moving in a BRAND NEW apartment in a good area. I'm half waiting to see what's wrong with the place. Anyway, we move in November 9th. That day can't come fast enough. The longer I'm in this place, the more I hate it! I can't wait to move!

Some pics, of course...
The main room:

The kitchen....Well, it's hardly a kitchen, but anyway....

The main bathroom...This is exciting stuff. Many Korean apartments don't have bathtubs. I haven't had a full sized bathtub in over five years.
The main bedroom (the biggest of three):The second bathroom...I don't know why a place this size has two bathrooms. We won't use the shower in here...I'll likely use it as my makeup room.

So there it is. I'll take pictures for sure after I'm finished decorating. Decorating probably won't consist of too much. Probably jsut some drapes, but it'll be exciting to move in nonetheless.

In other news...not much. Been keeping busy with moving plans mostly, like ordering a few new pieces of furniture, the most exciting of which is bed. Now that I think of it, it's pretty amazing that I've lived here for over five years without a bed or a bathtub.

Last Saturday night, Meg, Shelley, and I were paid guests at a wedding. We were each paid $50 to pretend to be friends of the groom so he could appear to be more worldly and have more friends. He actually hired a movie director to direct his wedding. Kind of sad, but we got a nice steak and a bit of cash out of it! Here's us after working hard at the wedding:

Oh yes, most importantly, another WIP...An Inspired Lace Scarf, a pattern I found on Ravelry. I think I'm going to keep this scarf for myself, although I originally intended to give it to Meg for her birthday. I think she would like another colour better, so I'm viewing this one as the practice run. So far, so good! It's an easy pattern, pretty, and it crochets up really quickly.

That's it for me. Tomorrow's Friday! And Saturday is my birthday dinner!