Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Countdown is on - 5 days

5 days 'til we leave for Greece. I cannot believe it! I've made 2 ferry bookings and 2 flight purchases so far. Hotels are a little slower, although I have made some headway. Tomorrow I'm booking our hot air balloon trip over Cappadokia. So excited.

What a day though. Sometimes Toto says it all:

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sejin and I went to a Doljanchi last night (baby's first birthday). The little girl was Sumin, daughter of Sejin's college buddy, Yungi. Here she is:

They had it at a buffet restaurant and there were about 50 people there or so. After everyone has eaten, they have some games and prizes, singing, and then a traditional thing were a bunch of objects are laid out in front of the baby and he/she has to pick one. The objects represent different courses the child might take in life. For example, last night, there was money (wealth), a computer mouse (technology), a pen (scholarly pursuits), a wad of thread (a long life), a mike (stardom), etc. Little Sumin chose the mike, so I guess she's bound to be a superstar.

I got to meet Sejin's other college buddy, Park Sewoong's little boy, Ehyun. Ehyun is only 6 months old and was a big star last night. He's so cute and has an unbelievably full head of hair. He really liked being picked up and was smiling a lot. He didn't cry the whole night and we were out til 12:00 a.m.!

Well, today I'm going to spend planning our trip. I hope to get our schedule finalized today!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finished - Gray Baby Sweater!

Got no baby to put it on and it's not quite good enough to give as a gift to any of many friends having babies now, so I'll just put it away for later. Didn't take too long and a good starter project for sweaters. Picking up the stitches around the collar was difficult for me and you can tell it's a little crooked. Oh well, live and learn.

Still planning the trip -- can't believe we're leaving in less than two weeks and I have very little planned! Oh well, it will fall together. Can't wait to get away for a while. Sejin has a new job at ING insurance all lined up for when we get back. Here's a pic of Sejin and his new manager's baby. I hope to see a lot more of little Wonjoon.

And a final funny pic from last weekend's shopping trip to Dongdaemun. These poor Koreans don't know what the heck their shirts say!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Spring is here

The blossoms are out all over the city and the temperature is rising. Too bad the spring is all too short here in Korea. Today Sejin and I went to the big game: FC Seoul vs. Seoul. These are rival teams and Seoul was hoping to get Suwon back for an embarrassing loss last time they played (I think it was 4-1). Seoul failed to teach Suwon a lesson, but at least they didn't lose by too much. The final score was 1-0 Suwon. The stadium was packed (in comparison with the usual poor turnouts for pro league games) with exactly 55,397 people.

After the game, we went for a walk around our neighborhood to view the blossoms which are everywhere now. Seogang University is right in our backyard, so we walked through and around the campus and took some photos of the blossoms.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekend's almost over

They go way too fast, but so do the weeks.

It was a pretty good weekend - I had a fantastic time with Meg in Dongdaemun on Friday night. Ended up buying some nice heels, an awesome leather bag, a skirt (for $10!) among other things. Here are few cute pictures of a kitty cell phone charm that changes faces when you press the button:

Sejin and I are now ordering some food and it's going to be a low-key Sunday night so we're ready for another busy week!