Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's been a long time

I'm usually more anxious to write something here if I have finished knitting or crocheting something. That may be the reason for not posting for so long. That and I've been very busy writing books. Very, very busy.

Even so, I try to rest on the weekends...well, that's not the entire truth. There's not much resting going on. Seems I have plans every single weekend and people still calling to make more plans. These days I really dislike plans of any type. Anyway, I suppose I've had some good times among all the busy-ness over the past month.

The first weekend in April, Meg and I went to Andong, somewhere I've wanted to go for quite a while. I'm glad that we went. It was very interesting, the weather was great, and there weren't too many people at the tourist sites. Although not everything was green, the blossoms were out, which made for great pictures.

Some places of note that we visited were:

Hahoe Village, traditional Korean village of over 400 buildings where people still live. This was a great place. Very picturesque and not overcrowded. We spent the better part of Saturday there.
Dosan Seowon, early Confucian academy. Much different feel that Hahoe Village, being a place of academia, so the contrast was nice.
Jebiwan, small temple near an 11th century Buddha carved in a cliff. We went here as sort of an afterthought, but I was glad that we did. The temple was in the middle of service, the blossoms were out, and it was just beautiful. The head monk also came out and said hello.Last weekend (the last weekend in April), Meg and I visited our good friend Louise down in Busan on the south east coast. We did some shopping, took in a movie (The Other Bolyen Girl - it was good!), walked through Jagalchi Fish Market, and went to the beach. Very nice weekend.

Near Haeundae Beach:
Those weekends were good to break up the monotony of being inside working all day in this nice weather. The weather is getting even better now, so hopefully there will be more little weekend trips like these.

Now, it's back to work.