Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving West

It's been so long since I wrote regularly here, I even had trouble signing in an figuring out how to make a post! Sad! But I've been thinking about coming back here more write out some personal events and thoughts. Blogging is a great way after all to keep track of what's happening in your life and it's cool to read it back later. I've also met many great people by blogging.

As I always seem to say when I return here, I've been busy. Yeah, yeah, everyone's busy. I know. But being busy while so much is uncertain really sucks. Not having your own place, job, steady income, etc....that makes busy a bit more stressful. I've been keeping busy with finishing up the last of another 3-part series for a Korean publisher -- my last series -- and I'm serious! I'm done. The work isn't hard, but it's time consuming, and I can't qualify for daycare subsidies, it being income from out of country.

So, there are the books, and also the photography. I've actually been making headway in my community. I've gotten out to a networking event and happened to meet some great people. People are passing my name on, I feel my photography is improving and getting more consistent........and then..... I decide we're moving. We're going to head west to the city of Calgary. Everyone tells me there are so many more opportunities to be had there. My brother and best friend live there. They have offered to help us get settled and acquainted with the city. I am incredibly nervous, having already booked Grace and I one-way tickets, basically not knowing much about the city, no place to live, nothing...starting from square one. I'm hoping that it will be the right decision for the long-term. The Niagara Region, sadly, is becoming more and more depressed as more and more companies go out of business. Wages are low, taxes are high, jobs are hard to come by. Bye, Niagara.

So, we're here until August. I have a few more photo bookings (and all day wedding on Friday - yikes!), books to write, Grace is starting soccer on Saturday....lots to keep us BUSY.

But no matter how busy I get, I continue to knit whenever I can. It truly keeps me sane. Grace has been trying.