Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ultrasound Day

It's always a relief to go to the hospital and hear that everything looks good. Today I had a lengthy ultrasound for a nuchal translucency test. I guess that's to make sure the spinal cord is developing properly. According to the doctor, it looks fine. I got to watch the baby for a while, but it was pretty still and quiet. So, the doctor told me to cough and then she poked it a bit, and then it woke up and started squirming around. It was probably a little angry at being disturbed, but I got a kick out of seeing it move around. It measures 6.7 cm, which is surprising, because I can't see anything when I look at my stomach, and I weigh the same as when I went in last time a month ago. I thought for sure all that pizza and ice cream was adding up, but I guess not!

So the appointment was a success. Unfortunately, the doctor said she cannot under any circumstances tell me (when the time comes, around 20 weeks) if it's a boy or a girl. It's illegal in S. Korea, and she could lose her job. She said if I go to a smaller independent clinic somewhere, I'll probably get an answer. But I did get the go ahead to eat sushi, which I'm psyched about. She said as long it's fresh, it's OK. I'm still not going to go crazy, but I think I'll have to indulge once later in the summer. And, they gave me a nifty CD of the ultrasound. I can't figure out how to download it to my computer, so I just took a video of the video. The quality's not that great, but you can see it squirming in there.

Now I must get down to work. Big deadline on Friday - book 5 of 6 is due and I cannot extend this deadline. I can't wait until it's in. Friday evening is going to be me, the TV, and a pizza...and the baby.