Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sejin and I went to a Doljanchi last night (baby's first birthday). The little girl was Sumin, daughter of Sejin's college buddy, Yungi. Here she is:

They had it at a buffet restaurant and there were about 50 people there or so. After everyone has eaten, they have some games and prizes, singing, and then a traditional thing were a bunch of objects are laid out in front of the baby and he/she has to pick one. The objects represent different courses the child might take in life. For example, last night, there was money (wealth), a computer mouse (technology), a pen (scholarly pursuits), a wad of thread (a long life), a mike (stardom), etc. Little Sumin chose the mike, so I guess she's bound to be a superstar.

I got to meet Sejin's other college buddy, Park Sewoong's little boy, Ehyun. Ehyun is only 6 months old and was a big star last night. He's so cute and has an unbelievably full head of hair. He really liked being picked up and was smiling a lot. He didn't cry the whole night and we were out til 12:00 a.m.!

Well, today I'm going to spend planning our trip. I hope to get our schedule finalized today!

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