Monday, August 9, 2010

House Guest

My photographer friend, CedarBough, needed a place to stay last minute when she came to Korea late Thursday night. I said "sure" for two reasons. First, she's my friend and is not the type to overstay her welcome, and second, I wanted to see how my little sensitive sleeper would react to a guest in the house. Grace's sleeping is fantastic now (approx 8pm-8am), but she is still a light sleeper and sensitive to the presence of strangers. CedarBough stayed here for four nights and just left today after finding an apartment and signing the contract in record time. Over those four nights Grace did lose some sleep. She wanted to stay up later and play with CedarBough, was woken up by noises, and woke up earlier than usual. She was getting a bit grumpy by Sunday morning. But overall, she did very well. She was not bothered by my friend's presence (in fact, she really liked her) and slept pretty well considering we live in a small apartment where she can hear every noise. Actually, I felt worse for CedarBough who was probably surprised about the lights going out at 8pm every night! Well, she was jetlagged and went to bed early every night anyway, so it worked out all right.

Since CedarBough is a good photographer, it was a great time to learn about DSLRs. I've been thinking about buying one for a while, but I want to know what I'm buying, and these cameras are not as simple as point-and-shoots -- or cheap! All those numbers on the lenses are so confusing... and there are just so many lenses to choose from. One day while Grace was napping I decided to do some studying and found this site very useful. I read for over an hour and by the end of it, I was feeling so much more confident. After CedarBough got back from apartment hunting, I went over the stuff with her and she filled in some gaps. She even showed me the lenses she had with her (four in her luggage and more back in America!). I feel so much more informed than I did before. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to buy, but at least I know what all those numbers mean.

She broke out her camera yesterday morning to take a few shots of Grace. I like this one best. She is going to come back sometime this month and do a proper photo shoot. I'm really excited.

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