Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just amazing

Was dreading taking Grace for her DPT shot today. As a baby she hardly cried after needles. I'm not sure if she noticed them. As she got older and more aware, she would kick up more a fuss. So, yes, needles are not fun.

So we went in, they got the Pororo band-aid ready and the doctor gave her the needle. She was silent. It was kind of like a scene from a TV show. Me, Sejin, the doctors, nurses, all sitting here looking at her and at each other. No reaction. Waiting. No reaction. She looks at the doctor and says, "Bye-bye!"

So that was that. I guess I put in my time this weekend and she went easy on me today.


I'm so tired from not getting any sleep at night. I've been waking up in pain due to my injury. Then I can't fall asleep again because I can't get comfortable. Very painful. I think I will take a nap and relax today because tomorrow I teach, and then Thursday I start a new writing project. I'm calling it "Project DSLR" because that's what I might just buy when I'm done.


I'm working on a filet crochet piece. It's my first filet crochet. I've been wanting to try it for a long time, because I think the larger pieces are beautiful. The one I'm working on is small and just a project I chose to introduce me to the techniques. It's a silhouette of Jane Austen. My other projects are coming along all right. I finished the second sleeve on my cardigan and have to start the collar pieces next. Sadly, I am now without a bus/subway stitching project. To work on something on a bus or train, it has to be a simple so that you don't have to consult a pattern all the time or do a lot of counting or complicated stitches. Mindless stitching. I'll have to choose a project today.


Anonymous said...

a bus/subway stitching project idea...Since Teddy in an Tee was so quick to crochet up, Iggy could use one :) We'd pay of course!

Sarah said...

No payment required, G!

Mama Seoul said...

I need to find a knitting project or learn to crochet as well. You are inspiring me!

Sarah said...

Yes, do some knitting again soon. I do recommend learning to crochet. It's nice to know both. I've found that crochet toys are much easier and sturdier than knitted toys. There are also some really cute crocheted baby dresses and such. It's easy, too, and fast.