Thursday, September 2, 2010

See ya, Kompasu

Violently rattling windows woke all of us up at 5:30am this morning. Grace was scared, and was rolling around in bed with us. Every time the wind picked up she would wimper, jump on me, and say "naning!" (raining). Important to note here is that it was our inside windows that were rattling. The veranda window was closed and the wind was still strong enough to shake them really good. Several car alarms were going the whole time, too. That was annoying. The power went out twice, but luckily it came back on pretty quickly both times.

The best part about it all is that it passed very quickly. A couple of hours and it was calm again. But there is debris all over the ground outside and I saw some men with a large piece of apartment roof in the parking lot. When Sejin took Grace to daycare (yes, after it died down, she just wanted to get the heck out of here) he said there was debris all over, some broken windows, trees, etc.

This was supposed to be a category 2 typhoon. I'd hate to be around for a category three. Right now the news on TV is filled with images of the destruction. Read more here.
I found this video on youtube. Some people cruising around the city streets during the typhoon. Whover the guy is driving should take up storm chasing. He sounds so excited.


Becky said...

I'm glad you guys were ok. I bet traffic was horrible. Did people go to work?

Dani said...

The U.S. Embassy sent out an e-mail stating that Kompasu was supposed to be a Category 3, but I think it lost a category when it landed.

All we had was a day of drizzling and some plastic lawn chairs got tipped over. I didn't hear any thunder or anything - I guess by the time it passed through Seoul it was pretty much wiped out.

Downtown Girl said...

Oh wow. I am glad your family is ok.
Over here, there is Hurricane Earl (category 2 or 3 hurricane I think now, was 4)coming ashore (New England area). I live in Florida and thankfully the hurricane is not coming our way this time but I feel bad for those who live in the New England area. I pray for their safety.