Monday, September 6, 2010

Application Hell

That's where I am these days. The stuff is getting done very slowly. It's a big job. The application I'm working on now is taking quite a while because they want start and end dates of the jobs I've worked in the last five years with addresses, phone numbers, and income. For the average ESL teacher, that might be okay, but I've done countless contracts with publishing companies, with teaching on top of that.

On the same application they want the addresses of everywhere I have lived in Korea. This is a tough one. I finally figured out I have had eight addresses here, but I no longer have the first four. I lived in Anyang for only one month, in Icheon Gyeonggi-do for four months, in Mapo-gu near Daeheung Station for one year, and in Ilsan Gyeonggi-do for one year. The first two I definitely cannot get. I could go to Daeheung and Ilsan to get the addresses, but I really don't have the time...and would they really refuse Sejin residency for the lack of a few addresses from over five years ago?

I think I'll have a small party on the day I mail the package to Mississauga.


Becky said...

My sister is marrying a man from Wales and sent off all the paperwork only to find out a few months later that the agency had lost everything. Luckily, he had taken copies.

I've always wanted to know how you and Sejin met. Could you share that sometime?

Sarah said...

Wow, that would be frustrating. I met a woman recently who filed her husband's papers as immigration was making changes to their system (moving processing centre from the Philippines to Canada!). All their paperwork was lost.

Yes, perhaps I'll do a post on how we met soon!

Mama Seoul said...

Addresses in Korea are meaningless anyway, I'm sure you can give an approximation. Hopefully that is good enough!

Downtown Girl said...

Hang in there! You'll get it done and soon enough you will be able to move back to Canada with your husband and daughter ^_^


Anonymous said...

Didn't we live in the same apartment in Anyang? Didn't start teaching at English Friends right after me in May 2002? If you want, I can find the address of the apartment in Pyeongchon...or was it Beomgye?

Sarah said...

Thanks guys....yes, this will get done eventually.