Thursday, September 9, 2010 taken!

I finally had someone other than ME take photos of my dear Grace. We would have loved to have gotten studio photos done when she was a baby, but they are not cheap. And to tell you the truth, the bulky knit hats (as much as I love knits), oversized teddy bears, and bad English on the walls doesn't get me excited anymore. I wanted some nice outdoor photos with her (and a few of us) looking natural.

It was almost a disaster, as it started to rain as CedarBough was arriving. But luckily, it did not pour. I think it worked out really well, actually, because it kept people away and the lighting was good. We didn't see many other people as we were taking photos down on the walking path. But I did see how difficult it is to take photos of really young children. They don't understand what you are trying to do, and they certainly don't care what background works better. Kids a little bit older would be easier to photograph because they could follow directions, even if only for a limited time. Anyway, I think it went well and I'm sure my friend got some good shots in. I will share a couple of my faves after she gets me the photos. I'm very, very excited.

After the shoot I took Grace to daycare. I planned on keeping her home today, but she was near total meltdown at 12:30 (nearing nap time) and asking for her friends using signs. As CedarBough said, it's nice that she actually enjoys going there. I was able to go and have a leisurely lunch with my friend and then return home to do some work. I'll have to go and pick her up soon.

The one and only bad thing about today is that it made me yearn even more to get my own DSLR (I will be purchasing the Nikon D5000, and lens choice is still up in the air). Sejin wants me to wait until next month, but I just want to get my hands on my camera so I can test out all these things I've been reading about. I really can't wait.

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