Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Learning!

I've been so frustrated with not having my DSLR camera yet. I really want to try out all these things I've been reading about. Today as I was doing some application work, I spied my Canon Powershot sitting just a couple feet away. Why not? I know that it has some manual settings, and a conversation CedarBough and I had yesterday popped into my head. She was talking about how her husband wants to learn about photography and has a slightly-better-than-average point and shoot camera, but doesn't use it on manual. Well, I have not done much with my camera, either! So I put it into manual and started fooling around. Lo and behold, I can do some cool stuff with it! I didn't even know I could adjust the flash strength, use manual focus, adjust the ISO, adjust the colouring for the type of lighting, and more. Of course, there are still a lot of limitations. I could not use a low f-stop in the dark room I was in, so the shutter speed was so long. I had to hold my breath and hope for minimal shaking. I guess this where a tripod comes in useful. Anyway, I took some practice pics of things on my desk using various settings. I suppose I'll have to learn what I can on my point and shoot until I can get my D5000. (The pictures below are by no means good pictures. Just the results of fooling around with different settings)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, I had not come across earlier during my searches!
Continue the great work!

CedarBough said...

good idea to really stretch what you can do with the current camera, this will make it much easier to start using the DSLR later.

Downtown Girl said...

i love the photos! simple everyday things. lovely. good job!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Anonymous!

CedarBough -- really is stretching with my current camera, but it's fun nonetheless. I think I'm actually "getting" some things now.

Lita - Yes, definitely every day things. Sometimes those are the most interesting, huh?