Friday, July 30, 2010

Cute inspiration

I whipped up a few cupcakes (knit and crocheted!) for a lunch gathering yesterday and they were a hit! It seems people love cute, fake food. About five years back I wanted to try felt food and made a cake. I can't believe I actually found this picture:I did not even embellish the ones I made yesterday and they were cute enough to impress, so I'm thinking with some bead sprinkles sewn on and a felt strawberry, they might be too tempting to resist. The absolute best thing about them is that they are unbelievably quick to make. I made 1.5 cupcakes on the train yesterday (and that was with ripping out a few times -- working without a pattern -- and standing up part of the way). Side note: crocheting on the train draws much unwanted attention. In my mind, if someone is engrossed in an activity, such as reading or stitching, that means they don't want to be bothered!There are so many blogs featuring cute fake food. I just love this little morsel by Lisajhoney:So, we're on "vacation" here now. Naturally, Grace is sick. Her fever went up last night to 104. Doctor this morning said throat infection. I thought for a while there that her illnesses were getting more infrequent, but July has been quite a month. Let's hope August is a bit more fun.


Amanda said...

I once got thrown in one of the pregnant/old/disabled seats on a train by an ajumma because I was knitting. No, really, I'm NOT pregnant, lady.

Reading on the train doesn't work if you're Not Korean and reading a Korean book. Just saying.

Also, do you do any cross-stitch or needlepoint?

Sarah said...

I find the best way to avoid unwanted attention is to sit there, staring straight ahead with a slight scowl on your face. Doing anything too out of the norm gives people an excuse to strike up a conversation. "Um, I'm making a cupcake" "What? Is it a ball?" "No, it's a cupcake." "Hm?"
I used to do cross stitch but knitting has replaced that, although I'd love to get into embroidery, maybe even Korean style. You?

Mama Seoul said...


Amanda said...

I do cross-stitch. I wondered about it because I'm currently back "on" on my on-again-mostly-mostly-off-again counted-cross stitch project I've been working on 1998. ㅎㅎ

Sarah said...

Ouch, that's a long time to be working on something. I think I would have scrapped it by now! You've got tonnes more patience than I!

BTW, one of your comments got lost somehow, on the "House Guest" post. I clicked "publish" and it said it had been moderated. Anyway, I read it and thanks for the dpreview site recommendation. I checked it out today and it is also very good. Learning lots.

Amanda said...

Well, it's a four page pattern ( and I had three pages and some of the border of the fourth page done when I pulled it out of my closet two weeks ago.

I seriously considered just...never finishing it, but you know, when you've got that much work done? And I still think it's a very lovely piece of work, so I know it'll be worth it to finish it, frame it, and put it in a great locale in the house!

The designer only uses 80+ colors but she has 130+ symbols because she uses one thread of one color and one thread of another. It also tends to be one stitch with color A, skip 5 stitches, one more stitch in color A, skip three rows and find 3 more stitches... So it's rather time-consuming!