Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking up

Looks like I will be working on a writing project with a major international publisher. I was excited to hear that they did not forget about me, but with bigger companies, there is a lot more red tape and projects take longer to get approved. So, I turned down yet another project with D company (hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot), in hopes of starting this bigger project soon. Even though I don't plan on staying in this ESL industry for much longer, I think it would be good to have this experience on my resume.

Other than this, things are the same. Both Grace and I are sick with colds now. She always seems to get sick on the weekend. This time, her cold is quite bad, as she has a double ear infection, a major runny nose, and a bad cough. So, we're not going far today.

I have a trip to Dongdaemun planned for Tuesday. I'm really excited. I have to get more yarn for my vintage cardigan (turns out ten balls is not enough -- ouch), purse straps for my crochet squares bag which I finished and looks awesome, and fabric to line that bag. Also, I'm going to look for appropriate weight yarn to whip up some baby items and see if it would be impossible to start selling a few of my own things. After browsing etsy over the last few days and seeing some successful vendors selling chunky crocheted baby beanies and such for over $20 each, the wheels have been turning in my head. I may be able to make them more original if I can find some neat embellishments there.

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