Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's been hot

The humidity has been almost unbearable the last few days. I haven't been running the air conditioner too much up until now, but wow, it's been muggy. But that doesn't stop Grace from wanting to go outside. I'd much prefer to stay in and stay as still as possible, but just isn't an option this summer. On Saturday, friend S who also lives in Uijeongbu, came over and we taxied over to Uijeongbu Station where they have splashing rivers running down the middle of the main drag. After having a quick lunch, we stopped by the river, and sure enough, Grace wanted in on the action. The water was nice and cool and she had a blast splashing away. S was nice enough to take some photos while we waded.
Taking off the socks:
Getting into the water:
Loving it:
She has an obsession with washing. Almost the entire time in the water, she washed her hands, face, hair, you name it. And she kept doing the sign language for bath.
Washing my face:
With a buddy:
She eventually fell down in the water, getting soaking wet. I just put a dry diaper on her and I had a dry cardigan in my bag. Note to self: bring extra pair of clothes next time.
But as much fun as we had, it's just a slashing pool, so Sejin's newest mission is to track down a baby-friendly pool/water park in the area. There are some great ones in Seoul and other suburbs, but they are too far away to take Grace by public transportation. He has some leads already to some potential places.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know what Sejin finds as far as baby-friendly pool/water park and we might join you :)