Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I was contacted yesterday by a woman in Malaysia trying to order the Pognae. I guess she found my review. I think I've helped sell quite a few of these things for the Pognae company. I feel like I deserve a cut or something. Anyway, the woman asked me if I still think it's a good carrier. I'd have to say yes, I do. It worked out very well for us, although I don't have another carrier to compare it to. It's easy to get on and off, comfy (although Grace can only be worn on the back now because she's too heavy), and I think it looks nice. It's a good value I think. I was originally going to get an Ergo, but at the time they were going for over 110,000 won on gmarket and I was trying to save a bit of money because we were buying so many baby things. Anyway, we still use the Pognae -- actually, Grace is usually very eager to jump into her "car" (stroller) and head to daycare, but for some reason this morning she went over to our carrier which was sitting on a shelf, and motioned for me to put it on. I thought it was kind of sweet that she still likes being carried. So, in conclusion, my original review remains unchanged. The Pognae is a good baby carrier.

By the way, in trying to help this woman, I went to Pognae's website and discovered that I am in a photo collage (scroll down a bit) of foreigners wearing the Pognae. Wow, it seems so long ago that Grace was 4 months old.

EDITED TO ADD: Sometimes this really frustrates me: the lack of customer service in Korea. There are some great products and businesses here, but the people in charge really need some lessons in how to provide quality customer service. I have been trying to help this woman from Malaysia whose husband is now in Korea and wants to buy two Pognae carriers. Sejin has had several conversations with the people at Pognae today and they are pretty unwilling to set up a convenient payment method for them. They insist that he has to go to their office and pay cash. I thought for sure they would allow a paypal or credit card transaction and have the carriers delivered to his hotel in Seoul. Not so.


kaylee said...

I read on another site that you thought the Pognae had a lower rise than the Ergo. Is that true? I'm trying to think of the best carrier for me to order as I can only get one. My baby is 10 months old however and 20 pounds, so Im looking for something comfortable and with a high rise. What are your thoughts. Thank you

Sarah said...

I think it is slightly lower, but I haven't had a problem. I carried my daughter around in the pognae all this weekend. She's 19 months and I'm not sure how heavy, but it works very well. I have no sore back or hips. But that's only if I carry her on my back. It comes with an attachment which creates a high back and head support for larger babies, but I have not used it. I do think the Ergo is slightly larger, so if you're concerned, go with Ergo.

Kaylee said...

Thanks a lot for your help.

Pecky Lau said...

Hi. I am trying to order the Pognae carrier online (Gmarket) too but it's difficult coz it's in Korean. I am in Bangkok Thailand and I wish to order two. Sighhhh.