Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been feeling a bit inspired these days, not having much time to craft, but trying to fit it in anyway. Grace has been good with me knitting around her. She doesn't try to touch my work very often, as long as I stop when needed to read her a book or get her some milk or something like that.

I found this very inspiring blog the other day and just fell in love with this woman's crocheted stones. She has done some really intricate ones using several types of thread and fabric, but she did a tutorial on how to do a simple one. I skimmed the tutorial and decided to do some free form on a seashell I picked up in Australia over five years ago. I think it's quite pretty. I wish I had some smooth stones to cover. Here is another really neat tutorial. I'm going to try to do some small jar covers next.A friend just started a custom cupcake business, so I thought I'd make her a little mascot. She also sews, so this could also be a pincushion (those pearly things in there are pins). It was fun to make, although I'm not totally happy with how it came out. There are several cupcake patterns on ravelry, so I might try my hand at another.Not too long ago, I bought about $60 worth of aran weight yarn in Dongdaemun, which I intended to knit/hook up into some small baby items and possibly try an Etsy store. Well, I still don't have a reliable pattern to use. I tried this little baby hat, and while it's cute enough, I'm not in love with it. I really need to think of the perfect pattern, otherwise, I can't do it. I can't fathom selling something that is less than perfect. Anyway, it's definitely back to the drawing board.Finally, I finished this little cropped shrug for Grace, only to find out it's too small. This was shocking, because I did the 7-8-year-old size. Of course, I was working with a much lighter yarn, but I thought I couldn't go wrong doing an older girl's size. Was wrong. Good part is, this only took me two or three days, so I'm going to do it again with a bigger hook and bigger size.There it is. I guess I've been feeling like doing some smaller projects since everything else I'm working on is so big. The sweater, the shawl...those take months. I needed something for some instant satisfaction.


soknitpicky said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I got inspired too and and some much fun making one :-)

Sarah said...

Aren't they fun? Now I need to get my hands on some more stuff to cover!

Gerry said...

That friend of yours who is crazy about cupcakes LOVES her mascot!