Friday, July 2, 2010

More on Canada

The Yarn Harlot wrote a really cute post in honour of Canada Day, which I think you should read. She's so funny.

I intended to spend Canada day cleaning up this place, but I decided to take a personal day. I knitted, wound yarn, and lazed about with absolutely nothing pressing on my mind. It's been a while. It was great.

Today I was supposed to meet a friend in Uijeongbu for lunch, but the rain is coming down in sheets so we called it off. I guess I should do all that stuff I was supposed to do yesterday.

So, not much to blog about today. Here's a cute photo. Grace has had a little bit of ice cream before, just a few spoonfuls here and there, but last night I decided to give her what was left of the cone we were sharing. She found it so exciting. Problem was, after I gave it to her, I could not pry it out of her hands, so she ended up sucking on it for around half an hour until it became a pile of mush. There is a funny video too, but it takes too long to upload.

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MommyCha said...

Thomas also loves cones! He will eat empty sugar cones from our local ice cream place if he can. ^.^
Grace is getting so big so fast, time is just moving too quickly for my tastes! HUGS!