Friday, July 16, 2010

Need Needles

One of my students always comes to the hakwon early and hangs out in my classroom and bugs me. She's cute, but I like to have that time before class to myself, since I have five back-to-back classes. Anyway, she knows how to operate my phone pretty well and snapped this picture of me knitting when I should have been planning.I have a lot of light weight yarn in my home. Huge amounts. Problem is, I'm finding out that you need the proper types of needles to knit really fine lace. The Denise needles only go down to a 3.75mm needle and they are too dull anyway. I ordered some assorted Addis a while back, but I now know that they are not appropriate either. They are too slippery for knitting lace and also too dull. Addi has a line of lace knitting needles. They are very pointy (very necessary) and are a brushed metal, providing more drag. Not available in Korea from what I know. I really need some proper needles to knit this stuff up. To order, or not to order? Well, this small swatch is the result of much frustration. The bottom, looser part is knit with 3mm bamboo Dongdaemun freebies. Bamboo seems to be good for this type of knitting because it grabs the yarn well. But they were not pointy enough, and as you can see, the fabric is loosely knit. If you're going for that look, that's fine. The top was knit very slowly and carefully with 2mm Addi needles. I like the look of the tight knit fabric better, but knitting with the Addis is not an option. Way too slippery. So now I have a dilemma.I ordered this machine embroidered quilt block from Ebay. I don't quilt (yet), but I thought it was so cute, cute enough to frame some day soon. The seller was so nice. Actually, I ordered this back in May and it never arrived. Lost in the mail I guess. I was so bummed. I emailed the seller just to make sure it was sent, and yes, it was. So I explained the situation, and she mailed me another, on the condition that if the other one arrived, I would send it back. No problem. I don't think I'll ever get the other one, but I was very impressed with this seller's good service, so I thought I'd write up a post here. Here is a link to the seller. Hmm, looks like she might be closing up shop. There are not many items for sale anymore. It's now just pinned to the wall above my knitting basket.
It's raining cats and dogs today. I really hope it doesn't rain all weekend...again.


Dani said...

Man, o man - If I ever get to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom, I will probably be the quilting kind. I'm already quilting crochet squares - might as well get a decent sewing machine and do fabric. ^.~

Sarah said...

Yeah, me too! I've had a recent fascination with quilting, and after some reading about it, I've discovered that it's a very "big" hobby that I just don't have to the time to get into at this moment. But definitely in the future.