Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please, slow down

It seems that Grace shows me something new every day now. I am constantly amazed when she shows me something she couldn't do just yesterday. Some more stuff for the baby book here. :D

She shakes her head to say 'NO.' This is both good and bad. Expession is good, but I hope she doesn't start to throw her weight around too much! Tonight after she had eaten 3/4 of a banana and turned away to look at something else, I said, "Do you want more banana?" and she shook her head wildly. It was just about time to go to bed and the lights were dim. She did the sign for sleep and shook her head and crawled away. I was amazed.

She's been doing a lot of imaginative play. I got her a set of Night Garden blocks for her birthday. Before, she just looked at them, threw them around, maybe tried to stack a few, but these days she sets the characters up in the gazebo, sitting up, and sometimes she'll look them in the face and talk to them, or tap two of them together, like kissing. She's also doing the back and forth thing with cars while making a vroom noise. I think she might have picked this up from daycare.

Jumping and yelling are big these days. She makes all of her dolls hop, and she does little hops herself. Yelling...yeah. Just to hear her own voice most of the time. It was especially nice on the train this morning...

Yes, we took a long train ride this morning and returned home after naptime, something I rarely do. I may or may not post about what we were doing later, but let's just say, she's definitely a kid who needs to get a proper nap at the proper time, or the rest of the day is challenging. She finds it hard to fall asleep at night when she hasn't gotten a good rest during the day. Sometimes it's good to get a little reminder like that. Won't do that again for a while! Now I'm going to enjoy a well deserved break.

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