Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crafting Itch

Lately I've been feeling the need to craft. It's a pretty intense urge, so something has to be done. I realized while lying in bed very late last night that I could be doing a lot of knitting/crocheting/maedeup in the time I spend online every night. The internet has got to be the biggest time sucker ever invented. But I still love it.

I also realized that you cannot call yourself a serious crafter unless you own a sewing machine and know how to use it. Even if you're not a great seamstress, a basic sewing machine can help you do so many things, like sewing linings into knit bags or sewing a zipper into a knit hoodie. I told myself I wouldn't do it, and maybe I really shouldn't, as we may be returning to Canada soon and I would have to leave it behind.

One thing I probably am going to splurge on is a Denise interchangeable circular knitting needle set. I was considering the knitpicks version, but a friendly fellow Raveler showed me the Denise set and it looks more like what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of choice in knitting needles in Korea. There are a few brands of circulars available, but for some reason, they only stock the 80cm length. That's way too long for something like a hat or a toy knitted in the round.

I believe I just recently called the internet a time sucker. Time to log off and do something in the real world.

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