Friday, March 19, 2010

Mom Jeans

It's true: I've been wearing mom jeans. Actually, it's worse than that, because the mom jeans I'm wearing were actually my mom's (no offense, mom). When I was visiting my parents in Canada, I didn't want to buy too many clothes, since I knew I was going to try to lose weight. So my mom gave me some of her stuff that she wasn't wearing. So, yeah, that was me in central Seoul today wearing mom jeans amongst all the trendy young Korean ladies in skinny jeans and miniskirts. I've never been one to pay attention to trends anyway, but I did feel a little self conscious.

Most importantly here is that, I am, in fact, finally losing weight! While at my parents', I was up to 145lbs thanks to my dad's daily fried egg sandwiches and snacking at night. I enjoyed eating my fill and then some. I did not even try to diet because I knew it would be useless. I was extremely tired at the time from getting up 5+ times a night, and food kept me going. Plus, it was delicious. But these days, work and Grace keep me busy enough that I don't feel like snacking all the time. Also, since weaning Grace, I feel like I have more control over my appetite. I am able to make healthier choices. Yesterday, the scale showed me 135lbs, which I was very happy to see. I have not been exercising. Just eating less and not snacking too much at night. So, the mom jeans are getting baggier, and that makes me feel good. I'm getting closer and closer to being able to wear my old clothes. I can't wait.

The next step is exercise. I think that if I could work that into my day, the pounds would melt off. I got this video call the 30 day Shred. It gets very good reviews on Amazon. Jillian Michaels claims that she can help you lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Sounds gimmicky, yes, but I'm not interested in losing weight that fast anyway. I have had the video for some time now, but have not tried it yet. I wanted to wait until I was sure I could commit, so I would not be let down. I think next week might be the time, since Grace is in daycare during the day . I wouldn't even try it with her around.

Speaking of my mom, I have this vague memory of my mom trying to do an aerobics video when we were quite small. My brother, sister, and I were running around the house like lunatics, and I seem to remember her getting angry at us because she could not complete the video. Interesting how I can look back and now understand her frustrations whenever we kids would not allow her to do something...and I only have one!

Edited to add: Finally found the original mom jeans SNL skit I was looking for.


Lolimahro said...

Hahaha, I REMEMBER CHIC JEANS! I totally wear high-waisted trousers (???) to work. I am finally losing enough weight that I can say they don't really fit anymore.

Since my dad's been here, I've been terrible about eating. I'm hoping to reverse the trend this week and get back in the habit of diet & exercise. ^_^

Sarah said...

OH yeah, it was all about CHIC!

Funny after I posted that about losing 10 lbs, Sejin broght home fried chicken. Doh!

Let's hope we can ditch our mom jeans/pants very soon! ^^