Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Once again...

Once again, I have worried over nothing. Grace is having a fantastic time at daycare this week. She had a great day yesterday according to her caretakers. I was worried about today, since I could not pick her up until 7pm. When I arrived, she was the last one there, but was playing happily. The lady said she ate A LOT (that's no surprise) and she was busy walking, climbing, and playing all day. I brought her home to observe her in one of the best moods I've ever seen her in. She was showing me her new tricks, including some skillful walking and yelling. She quickly gave me the sign for "eat" and just about exploded with joy as I brought out the bread and cheese (her favourite). She was so happy and energetic I was worried she would not go to sleep, but was wrong again. She seems to be good at adapting to new situations and environments.

Grace seems to love her new friends at daycare. When I bring her in the morning, they all gather around her to say hello to the 'baby.' Grace cannot help smiling at them. It's pretty cute to see these 2 and 3 year olds petting her hair saying "Annyeong, Young!" I've gotta get some pictures some time.


MommyCha said...

Wow! Way to go Grace! That is awesome that she is smiling and happy when she arrives. Thomas cries every morning as soon as he sees the bus, but it was worse the few times we took him in ourselves.
I hope Grace continues to do so well, it definitely makes your life easier!

Lolimahro said...

Yay, Grace! Is she the youngest at her center? Sometimes when he goes to care, the little kids call his name and welcome him to class - that really warms my heart! Our daycare made a photo album of him over the last few months and gave it to us; we especially enjoy the pictures of him smiling with his friends.

I really hope this trend continues, so that you can have complete peace of mind about it.

Baxterita said...

Yay Grace! She seems pretty happy go lucky - I bet she's at the age where she likes to at least watch the other/bigger kids around her. She sounds like she had a lot of fun :-)