Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Maedeup

I did these knots some time last week. I have not been able to practice maedeup at all recently while taking care of a sick baby. Looks like I may have to put it on hold a while longer, as a friend has asked me to knit a gift for her sister who is expecting. I'm really flattered that she asked me. It'll be my first commissioned piece(s). I wish I was talented enough to make up my own design, but for now I'll just use a pattern. I already have one in mind. All I have to do now is go to Dongdaemun and get the yarn -- oh darn!

Thought I'd add, Grace did wonderful at daycare today. When I picked her up she seemed to be having fun, but of course she was thrilled to see me. She was in a good mood for the rest of the day, dancing and lots of walking. I think she was carefully observing her little friends, as she was a bit more expressive today than usual. Only thing is the poor thing was drooling up a storm due to her first molars coming in. I took a peek and there are actually small spots of blood where the molars are coming through. Other than the drool, you could never guess, as she was pretty happy.
Oh yes, the maedeup...
Garakji (these are so cute!): Saengjjok (This gave me loads of trouble. It's not as innocent as it looks):
Two cord saengjjok:
Sanjeongja (My sangjeongja is very poor. As you can see, one side is tighter than the other and it looks so sad.)
Maedeup is fun, but it's definitely not easy. It takes a lot of practice. My method so far has been to try each knot and see if I can get it, and then move on to the next. I'm not sure why I'm doing this. I think I just want to know that I can, in fact, do them all (well, at least the ones that are in this book). Then I will go back to the beginning, buckle down, and practice each knot until I'm pretty familiar with it. Come to think of it, this is exactly what I did with knitting and crochet.

Another note: you can buy maedeup cord on gmarket. All of this cord came to less than 20,000 won. Maedeup is a very inexpensive hobby to start.


Lolimahro said...

So glad to hear Grace is doing better at the daycare! Dexter's attitude has also shaped up since Friday as he is getting used to the schedule of things again. My husband even said today that he started running, turning around, and laughing at him! They are sure to learn all sorts of tricks from their friends.

Becky said...


veroniquemckay said...

I am so happy to discover another maedeup knotter! I am based in France and have set up an ecommerce where I sell my maedeup jewellery creations and sell cord via a dropship setup - I would love to find a source directly in korea. The retailer you suggested is currently out of stock but I have emailed them and have my fingers crossed! such beautiful colors! Love Grace's news in the middle of your maedeup entry!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment veroniquemckay! I have bought cording on gmarket, a Korean online shopping mall (the link in my post). They were really sold out? Hmmm, there must be another online source.