Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Grace has started daycare...sort of. She started last week, but quickly came down sick. I wasn't prepared for how quickly that would happen! She spent most of Wednesday there and had a fever that night. She seemed better in the morning, so I took her back, only to get a call from them a few hours later that she had a fever again.

I brought her to the doctor the next day. Just as expected, she had daycare-itis. He said it's very normal for kids to come down sick like that after starting daycare. She will get sick a lot more often, but it will help make her stronger. I ended up keeping her home Friday, the weekend, and Monday, and took her back today. I wasn't sure if I should bring her back today or not, but I thought I should not keep delaying the inevitable. She needs time to adjust.

I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a pretty adaptable kid. She was not distressed when I brought her there today. She smiled at a little girl who came in and played with some toys. She started to cry when I left. That's hard. I had Sejin call a while ago to see how she was doing, and her caretaker said that she only cried a minute or two and kept playing. At that moment, she was eating lunch, on her second helping of rice and soup. Seems she has a huge appetite everywhere.

I do not have to work some days, and could keep Grace home, but I need some time to myself to get some things done. I should have another book project starting soon. Plus, I have the daunting task of doing Sejin's Canada immigration forms. I've printed the information booklet, which is more of a novel than a booklet. It will take some time and concentration to fill out all those forms and gather the bazillion documents needed, and then finally send in the application. Then there is all the research, thinking, and decision making about what we will do when we get to Canada. I highly doubt we can just show up and land fantastic jobs.

There is a lot on this mommy's plate. I'm really hoping Grace gets used to daycare so I can work on getting these things done without worrying about her all the time.

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