Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the games begin

Before this weekend, Grace could walk, but not consistently. She could take up to 10 steps if she really put her mind to it, but she would usually do the drop-and-crawl if she wanted to get from A to B. It seems today, she made up her mind to start walking with a purpose. She was all over the place, and loving it. She's also trying to climb. I think this is from daycare. On Friday, one of the ladies said that she climbed all the way up the jungle gym stairs by herself. Then they helped her slide down. Wow, she's on the move now!

And communication is really picking up. I had to laugh this morning as she was taking her soft toys out of the box. She fed one of the bears some milk and then very purposefully laid him down, looked at me, and did the sign language for sleep. I acknowledged that she had put him to sleep and she smiled. Communication success! I'm pretty sure she tried to tell me twice this weekend to change her diaper. Yesterday she was playing as I was hanging clothes, when she stopped and pointed to her diaper. I didn't think much of it, as I had just changed her, but when I checked, it was actually soiled. This morning while walking up a storm, she toddled over to her daddy. After he instinctively picked her up, she reached behind him and grabbed the stack of diapers and threw them down. Then, she grabbed the wet wipes and looked at me. Sure, enough, she needed a change. This has made me think it may be time to get a potty/small toilet seat, at least to get her thinking about things.

The poor thing has a bad diaper rash today. As a matter of fact, it's her first diaper rash. I'm a frequent changer and have been pretty lucky in the diaper rash department. Today, though...ouch. We're going to the doctor tomorrow anyway, so we'll get this sorted out. Since starting daycare, she's had two colds, a high fever (103), a rash on her stomach, an intestinal bug, and now this poop/diaper rash problem. My friends with kids in daycare assure me that this is normal and after a few months she will be sick a bit less often. I am really looking forward to this!


Becky said...

She's getting so big! They sure grow fast. How's Sejin's foot healing? I hope we can get together next month.

Mama Seoul said...

Awesome! It really gets fun when you can start to understand them.