Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm hooking again!

Crocheting, that is! Now that Grace is going to sleep a little earlier at night, I'm using the quiet time at the end of the day to do things that I enjoy (that don't make much noise!). I really miss knitting and crocheting, so I moved all my supplies to the computer room (farthest from the sleeping dragon) and have been working on a few things. I know I should be sleeping when she sleeps, but I find the time to myself almost as refreshing as sleep.
So I'm working on a couple of plush toys, a bonnet, and a sweater for Grace. I'd like to use these things in her 100 day photos coming up. We've decided not to shell out hundreds of $$ for professional photos. Instead we're going to go to a studio and do "self" photos. Basically, you rent a room for 2 hours which has a bunch of "themes" set up as backgrounds. You also rent their camera and you can use their wardrobe. It's much more affordable and I think it sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to it!
Grace is doing very very well. She seems to grow every day. I'm amazed, actually. Also, in a matter of a few days, she's gone from just discovering her hands, to grabbing things and putting them in her mouth. She is also now sticking her thumb in her mouth. Before she just kind of shoved her fist in her mouth, but this thumb thing is new. I'm not going to stop her from doing it because she refuses to take a pacifier.
Oh, and I took her for a walk in a stroller for the first time yesterday. I bought a cheaper fold up type stroller and a weather cover just for walks around the neighborhood. It's great! She looks around for a bit and then goes off to sleep. Also got her a bumbo chair. This is getting fun!


Mama Seoul said...

Hope that the 100 Day pictures turn out. The studio rental option is really neat. I'd like to do that when we get back. Maybe we'll do 100 Day photos for Eva!

Anonymous said...

YAY, that's great that you get to hook again, haha. What's a bumbo chair? What makes it special?
I want to buy some gifts for my cousins kids, feel like a trip to Dongdeamoon sometime during the week? I'm generally free on Wednesdays and Fridays. Why don't you suggest a time. ^^