Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A much different spring

In the past, spring was the time to jump on a bus to wherever-I-haven't-been Korea to have some sort of adventure. I will only live in Seoul, but I love traveling to smaller towns on the weekends to get a taste of the real Korea. I always return refreshed, with some sort of crazy story. The people outside Seoul really are different.

Obviously this spring I will not be taking any out of town trips. I'm struggling just to get my laundry done! Hopefully next spring we can take a short family trip to somewhere we haven't been.

Some pictures of Korea:


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! They make me want to go back to Korea someday (preferably not in the heat of summer!)...

kushibo said...

(Stumbled here from Brian's website.)

Those are beautiful photos. I'm an amateur photographer at best, but I know what I like and those are really, um, visually inviting.

What are the locations? When I'm back in Korea, one of my goals is to take my new camera and take for myself others' shots that I liked, sort of as practice.

Congratulations on your baby! Quite adorable.