Friday, March 6, 2009

I spoke/typed too soon

Not much of an improvement since last time I wrote. I thought I had made it through a growth spurt, but I don't know anymore. I'm still dealing with supply issues. Grace hasn't gone to bed before 2:00 am in about 3 weeks. She's on this really bad schedule and I'm not having much luck getting her out of it. I've been trying to be consistent with the bedtime routine (bath, feed in quiet bedroom with dim lights, etc). But a good bedtime routine doesn't work if she's still hungry! Apparently I have some supply issues because I've been pretty diligent about feeding and my supply isn't increasing much, if at all. I'm starting to wonder what's going on. I'm going to the hospital to talk to the pediatrician. I may have to do a supplement formula feeding at bedtime in order to get her on a live-able schedule. This is really frustrating after all the effort I've been putting in! For the last three days I've fed her every hour during the day and every three hours at night. Still not satisfied... What can I do?
Good news is, she's getting even cuter.


jooliyah said...

i think giving Grace some formula at night is a good idea. it's what i did with both my babies so that i could be a sane and rested mother the rest of the day.

you are doing such a good job with her. she's getting so nice and chubby and her eyes have a brightness that makes her look so smart already. =)

MKM said...

Hi Sarah,

I don't want to be the crazy lurker who rants about the joys of breastfeeding; I think you should use formula if you're tired or if you think constant breastfeeding is preventing you from being a happy parent. I agree with Jooliyah: you're doing a great job and she looks so alert and clever!

However, I DO happen to know that if your baby is gaining weight (she seems to be!) and is wetting a bunch of diapers everyday (is she?)then you probably don't have a supply problem. You probably have a baby who, unfortunately, likes to nurse often, and more often, and ... for a long time, and likes her mommy attached to her. :)

Some babies just want to latch on and sip for hours and hours. It's true. Two of my sisters and one of my nephews was like that. Have you tried keeping her in a sling while she nurses so you can have your hands (mostly) free? If you go to a pediatrician they will probably advise you to try formula since many (if not most) of the hospitals here have direct connections to the formula producers. That is why/how they manage to give new mothers leaving hospitals all those free samples of formula.

I'm actually not sure why you think you have a supply problem - because if your supply isn't increasing but your baby is growing and peeing and pooping it JUST means your body is smart and is quickly adjusting supply with demand. Feeling a heavy increase of milk - or a strong letdown sensation doesn't mean your body is doing anything wrong or that your baby needs something extra! Those symptoms mean that your body is trying to figure out how much milk to produce. Sounds to me like your body already knows. They key signs actually come from Grace: is she growing and is she using diapers?

It could just be that you need a break, and some help, and in that case - I think you would be perfectly justified in using formula. Sorry for the long comment I just feel really torn - I don't want you to think that I'm crapping on you for thinking about supplementing - but ALSO don't want you to think that something is "wrong". Grace seems like a perfectly normal - albeit constant - nurser.

K. I'll shut up now. Lol.

Melissa from Expatriate Games

Mama Seoul said...

I agree with Melissa on both points:

1. If she has good output and is gaining weight, your supply is fine.

2. If you need to supplement because you need a break, then go ahead. If you limit yourself to supplementing maybe once a day, at night, it might help you through this rough patch without hurting your supply too much.

You are doing great! The first one is tough. The second seems much easier so far. The days can seem long but you'll be on the other side before you know it.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments, jooliyah, MKM, and mamaseoul. It's hard when you're in the middle of a really difficult week going on no sleep, as you all know. You start to question yourself. This week has been much better. She's nursing at a much more manageable every 2-3 hours. I also had her weighed today and she's over 12 pounds already, so I know she's getting enough. Thank goodness!

The sleep thing is tough, but I'm getting by. I ordered some books about it and plan to take it one night at a time.

Thanks so much for your support... it really means a lot! :D <3