Friday, March 27, 2009

A good outing

Well, it was good to have a successful outing today to counteract the not-so-good Homeplus outing earlier in the week. I met my friend out for lunch at an Indian restaurant in Dongmyo and then headed on down to Migliore Dongdaemun. The kids clothes in the basement are so cute! I picked up a few sales, but didn't go too crazy. Grace was good the entire time, I think because this outing was earlier in the day. She didn't sleep in the stroller in the store, but slept in the carrier on the way home.

One thing I'm getting used to is how much longer everything takes with a baby. It took longer to get ready to go out, longer to get to the store and get around the aisles, longer to get out of the store and longer to get home. We were both beat when we got home. But it was somewhat exhilarating to have had a good time together out and about today. I think it was also good in that it may help reset her internal clock, which has been thrown off for a bit. She went down pretty easily, probably from the air and sunshine, and also from being so tired. Fingers crossed.

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Mama Seoul said...

It does take longer, but if you accept that, you'll be less stressed and find that it starts to take less time than you think. I've found when I stopped fighting the extra time and stopped trying to make it in the same amount of time pre-baby, it was so much more fun. You physically tense up when you are trying to rush and it causes anxiety. Just add time to your plan and you'll be surprised how often you are early (eventually).

Glad you got out. Can't wait to go to the pool this summer!