Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I give up...

...for now.

She's too young for a strict schedule. I'm just going to try to take pleasure in all the moments, at whatever time of day they are, get sleep when I can, and worry about a real routine later. For now, we have our morning routine, our bathtime routine... bedtime will follow later.

Last night as Sejin was heading to bed at 3am, I said, OK, you're sleeping with us tonight. This morning I think he truly understood what my nights are like!

This is what keeps me going:


Becky said...

Sarah: You also have to take care of you. If you are stressed, the baby will be too. Grace looks happy and content so you are doing everything right. Take naps when you can and know that this precious time will pass and soon she will be asking for your car keys.

Mama Seoul said...

She is so sweet! Great expressions! Are you starting to be able to nap during the day? I love napping.

It does get better.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you last night when I was trying to sleep - I feel for you!
What can I do to help? I had offered to make cookies and then realized, I don't actually know how to make cookies! How about bran muffins? Too boring and healthy?

Sarah said...

Becky: Thanks for your wise comments. The time is already flying, so I'm going to try to stop and enjoy it!

Mama Seoul: Yes, she's doing different expressions all the time, which makes things so much better. The smiles mean a lot!

wevegotseoul: Haha, no need for cookies... trust me. Still no weight lost in weeks! But you and your husband gotta come over some time for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Umm, is it really right for the couple that have a newborn to be cooking for guests?

Let's figure out a menu so that I can make something here and bring it over. Do you have an oven? I could marinade some pork loin and cook it here on my fancy dancy George Forman grill and then we can reheat it at your house (not sure how long it would take in an over to cook - the grill takes about 10 - 15 minutes).

Let me know what you think. Anyone allergic to anything or have any strong dislikes?

Sarah said...

Hey! I have a small convection over, but it would work. Sounds great! I'll talk to SJ and see when a good time is. Any bad times for you?