Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bootie bonanza

Have started making a bunch of booties since so many people I know are procreating. I could order a cute outfit or something, but you get so many of those as gifts already. I know I'd rather have a handmade something. Plus, I have a few hours of free time on my hands after (if) Grace goes to sleep at night, so what else is there to do. This apartment is too small, so I can't do anything that could wake her up , like watch movies or play the piano, or even clean up. Booties it is. The red pair have already been gifted.


Catherine said...

Where did you find the pattern for the red ones? They are so cute!

Mama Seoul said...

Very cute. I love the red ones.

Sarah said...

thanks guys...the pattern is in the book in the last photo, "cute knits for baby feet." Good book!