Monday, January 4, 2010

Sign me up!

I noticed something funny today. Grace was flipping through her books as usual, pointing to her favourite pictures. She's really into shapes these days. She points at all the squares, triangles, and circles, no matter how big or small. Balls look like circles. She looooves balls, even though she doesn't have one. Well, the funny part was that every time she pointed at a ball, she was doing this thing with her hands, putting her fingertips together repeatedly. I would point at the ball, and she did it again. Hmmmm...

Then I realized it -- when I shower or take out the garbage, I put on this Baby Einstein My First Signs video for her, to distract her. She doesn't even realize I'm gone when I put this video on because she loves it. I think she's been picking up signs from this video, or at least mimicking the people doing the signs.

After I had this realization, I put on the video for us to watch, and sure enough, she's putting her little fingertips together as the people demonstrate the signs. She's especially enthusiastic when the ball comes up, because as I mentioned, she loves balls. I showed her some of the signs, and I think she tried a few. She gave the sign for "play" an honest go.

I thought it was so cool that she was trying to do a sign. I haven't taught her any signs myself, and really had no intention to. But she seems to want to do it, so maybe I'll start using the useful ones as we go about our day and see if she can pick some up. Things like milk, eat, more, SLEEP, mommy, etc, would be useful for her to know.

Seems little Grace taught me something today!

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