Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grace's First Birthday

Sejin got another night's leave so that he could be here for Grace's real birthday. While it was really good to see him again, and we all had a good time, it was difficult to hear that he may be another three weeks in the hospital. His doctor is going to give him a fixed date soon. I'm hoping he can get out sooner than later. I'm starting to go a little crazy in here all alone with Grace. I haven't been going out as much as I'd like to because it's a pain in the neck to get her all ready. It's been really cold lately, much colder than usual for Korea. She's getting heavy to carry, and it's difficult with all her warm clothes on. There's also snow on the ground, and it snowed a little more today, so it's hard to push my cheap stroller through the snow. To top it all off, she's got a cold now, so I'm stuck inside a few more days.

Anyway, the purpose of this post... Time really does fly. Little Grace is already one year old. It doesn't seem like that long ago she was born. She's so much more interesting to care for these days. Of course, some things are getting more difficult, like keeping up with the messes, and making sure she doesn't get into trouble, but it's much more rewarding. She really wants to communicate with me, so there's lots of babbling, and completely random sign language being thrown around. It's really fun!

We're going to have a few friends over next week to celebrate, but I wanted to get her dressed up and have some cake on her real birthday, too.

That is my attempt at a birthday cake. It wasn't too bad, considering I had to use my tiny convection oven and limited ingredients. If I want to do any more baking, I think I'd better browse the home baking category on gmarket. It's a waste of time to go from super to super around here!

Did I mention that Grace continues to get cuter? It's hard to resist buying even more cute girly clothes and accessories for her. What am I going to do? Her accessory drawer is almost full already and her hair isn't very long yet! Oh, no!
I'm looking forward to celebrating many more of Grace's birthdays!


MommyCha said...

She is going to be such a pretty girl, it will be impossible to resist spoiling her with adorable ribbons and clothing! Oh how I want to have a baby girl! ^.^

Mama Seoul said...

Happy birthday, Grace!
Very cool that she is signing! Just remember to keep it fun and do it as much as she likes, or as little as is useful. Some people only ever use a few signs, but get great mileage out them and others learn lots of signs. You said she is teaching herself from the dvds so sounds like she might want to learn a lot of signs. But, don't stress yourself out about it and don't get discouraged if she loses interest. Just follow her lead and see where that takes you.

Sarah said...

Yep, she's doing well.... something about it has piqued her interest...sometimes I don't know what she's doing with her hands, but as long as she knows...
Today when I took her in her room for nap, she looked at me and did the sign for eat. She also did 'dog' today. I think the really useful ones are 'eat' 'drink' and 'more.'

San said...

Wow!! Happy Birthday Grace!!!!! She looks so cute!!! I see that tehre are lotsa accessories for girl babies here..even DIY stuff.

Hope she has a great party and enjoys it! Take loads of snaps and print them.. Does Grace recognize herself when she sees her snaps??

Thats a nice cake you have made!!

Yeah it may take some time for her hair to grow. Do you do anything to make hair grow faster for children?

Muslimama said...

Happy birthday Grace.
She looks just adorable in these photos. She's so pretty.