Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You go, Papa Jo

Very often I (and I think a lot of moms) get obsessed with trying to do everything themselves -- I'll do that! No, I do it like this. No, you can't do that. She doesn't like that. I know everything!

I admit that I have become a little bit like that with Grace and I don't like that. I need to give Sejin some time to find his own ways of doing things with her, especially in the event that I have to return to work. So two nights ago I was having huge trouble putting her to sleep. Three hours later I said, "You give it a try." And he did.

He came back and she was sleeping. What did you do, Sejin? He turned down all the lights to pitch dark (I usually leave a dim light on), covered her bumper pads with a towel, swaddled her, put on some lavender aroma oil, put one of my worn T-shirts in the corner of her crib, and left the room. She slept.

Where have you been for the last almost 5 months??!! Oh yeah...I've been pushing you away! Silly, silly, silly...

From here on in I'm ready to accept any help or suggestions from Sejin. I really have to start giving him more credit.

Last night I used his techniques, and although she didn't go down right away, she did sleep from 10pm through 'til 5am, the longest stretch in a while. Who knew?

Do we have a stay-at-home-dad in the making here? Stay tuned to find out...


MommyCha said...

It took until Thomas was 10 months old until I let Tom try putting him down!
But it worked! 5 minutes and he was asleep and slept for hours! No more marathon feeding sessions, sleeping on the boob, with me desperately trying to escape! The past 2 days Tom even slept with him and he slept the WHOLE night, until around 6am!
What the heck was I thinking not letting Tom do this earlier!
We live and learn! Good for you guys for figuring it out earlier!

Catherine said...

What an awesome dad!

Mama Seoul said...

He looks awesome with Grace in the Ergo! Go Sejin!