Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 4 months, Grace

Grace is four months old today and I am very happy to say that I have a much better attitude about everything (including sleep!) than I did only one month ago. When she turned three months, I was waiting for this magical moment where I would suddenly feel everything fall into place in my life -- Grace would start sleeping through the night, I would get to do the dishes every day, stuff like that.

Well, it's when I stopped expecting things like that to happen that things actually improved! I tried to stop expecting Grace to fall asleep at 7 every night after her bath time routine, and she's actually doing a lot better. I'd say it's taking roughly half the time as before to sooth her to sleep. When she will not go for a nap after two or three attempts (this is usually the case in the mid to late afternoon), I don't worry about it and just put her to bed earlier. Looking back, I cannot believe how worked up and stressed I was getting about everything. I'm still a worrying mom, but I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff.

Because of all these lowered expectations, my attitude has really gotten better. I'm much happier and able to enjoy Grace more.

Grace herself is an amazing baby. She's starting to laugh these days, which is a lot of fun. Now I wonder when she's going to surprise me by rolling over...she's making me wait for this one! No rush, Grace!

Grace's Dr. Evil impression:


Why am I here??? said...

Happy 4 months Grace ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha Dr. Evil :)

Mama Seoul said...

Super cute! I'll e-mail you the picture on my blog that I took of G & E yesterday.

Glad you are worrying less. I think Karlien is good for you and Lee because she is a worrier and has mellowed since A is over 2. I was never a worrier so I know I am not very helpful on things like this.

Eva is very fussy tonight and only seems happy in the swing. Don't know what is going on. nursing almost always works, but it is not working tonight!

SarahLee123 said...

Oh she's looking to the right! How cute. Happy 4 months!!

Our Little Bonbon said...

Happy Four Months!

That picture is truly priceless.

After moving to Korea and working with my students and others, I am a firm believer in the crazy powers of a weaning and waxing full moon. Maybe that's why Grace and Eva are so fussy... ^.~

Sarah said...

I truly hope you're right. Not only was she difficult to get to sleep but she had me up almost every hour!!! (Usually she gets me up twice a nice)...I'm beat....