Saturday, May 2, 2009

What would you do?

I recently received a baby gift from a person I don't even know. It's a cute little pink summer outfit by a Korean designer name that is apparently well-known here. Anyway, the receipt was included and it turns out the outfit was 86,000 won! For one outfit. I mean, it's cute, but not that cute! Actually, it might be very annoying because it's a cotton shirt material that will need to be ironed.

I'm thinking that 86,000 won could buy Grace 4 or 5 more practical little summer outfits off gmarket. I was thinking of ordering her some 6-9 month size summer stuff soonish before all the good designs are picked over (this happens!). Or, I was also thinking of ordering the Ergo baby carrier, which is around 100,000 won. Seems so silly to have this expensive little photo opp outfit in the drawer when she needs other stuff.

Would you take it back and get the cash?


Anonymous said...

Well, I do believe I was the first to mention to take it and get the cash... Will the people ever come over and want to see her in it? Bah, screw that, they included the receipt which means they figured (according to Canadian standards) that you may need to return it - so what if the new purchase is something completely different! You might as well get something practical. I'm not a mom though,,,

Sarah said...

You're right! you were the one to put the thought in my head!

But you know what?? We just took a close look at the receipt and it must be returned within 15's been about 16 or 17 days now... Looks like we may be stuck with it.

HLee said...

I'd return it, and if the gift giver finds out, I'd tell that person the truth. (s)he would understand.

Mama Seoul said...

I'd return it if you can. Go try and tell them it was a gift and maybe they will give you some slack. I am terrible with returns. In fact I am going to bring some nursing pjs to the next gathering to give away because they didn't fit and I didn't return them. It was such a hassle to order them that when they finally came and were big, I thought I could deal with it, but they are really too big and I can't wear them. One of my goals this year is to return more.

Catherine said...

Since I worked retail in college, I've been a major returner. If I'm not going to use it, I return it. If you can, absolutely go for it.

And I recommend buying the Ergo. I just bought one last week & I LOVE it.