Monday, May 11, 2009

It's not easy

Sometimes being a mom can make you feel like a moron. There are moments when I get so frustrated from not being able to figure things out. I'm more of a logical, left-brain person, and I enjoy finding the answer. On top of this, I'm a perfectionist. These aren't the best qualities to have when it comes to motherhood because sometimes you just have to accept things and ride the wave rather than fix them.

For the last few days Grace and I have had some trouble with nursing and her sleep is getting worse. This comes as a blow because we were making some progress. But this time, I'm really trying hard not to get upset about it. I'm accepting that there are going to be ups and downs and there may be things going on with her that I can't see, which means I won't be able to "figure it out."

This article at Ask Moxie really helped me accept that I can't understand everything. There could be any number of reasons Grace isn't eating or sleeping well these last few days. I've noticed she has been trying pretty hard to roll over in her crib. Her hand control is getting really great in the last week. Or, it could be a cognitive development I can't see. Or, she could just not be feeling the greatest. Who knows?

I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will not freak out...


Catherine said...

I have a book I think you would enjoy: Let the Baby Drive by Lu Hanessian. If you e-mail me your address, I'll mail it to you.

Mama Seoul said...

Very interesting article. Hope to see you Thursday!

Sarah said...

Thanks Catherine...that's so nice of you! Sounds like the kind of book I need to read!

MamaSeoul: Would looove to go, but morning time is Grace's must-sleep-or-you-will-regret-it time. She's really crazy at night these days and tired in the morning. :(