Saturday, August 30, 2008

20 Week U/S video

I finally got around to fixing the DVD drive on my computer. That means I could finally play my ultrasound video from a week and a half ago.

I don't have time to post an update now, as I'm way behind in my work, so I'll just post the video. The sound of the heartbeat is at around 1 minute in.


Anonymous said...

Watching this, I was thinking about how amazing technology is and how excited your son/daughter will be when they get to see this video.

Sarah said...

You watched it? Heh heh, I think ultrasounds are a bit boring to those who aren't family, but it is neat to have a video of it (I don't think you can get CDs of it in Canada -- not cheap anyway).

Yes, it will definitely be cool to show him/her one day. ^^