Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 week ultrasound

Well, today was the big "halfway there" ultrasound. It was a special ultrasound where they check to see that everything is present and working. Everything looks good according to the doctor. That's all I want to hear. Downs Syndrome test came back negative and my blood anti-bodies test came back negative (I have A- blood which could cause problems, but everything is fine). I found out that when it gets closer to baby's arrival, I'll bank a bit of my own blood for emergencies, since negative blood types are very rare here.

Unfortunately, the pictures are not the best, so I tried to touch them up and highlighted the areas so they're easier to see. The first one is looking up the baby's nose. Sejin hates his own nose, so he said he's worried it might have his nose. Too funny. The next one is the baby's foot, which is much easier to see. I got a CD at this ultrasound, too, but due to technical difficulties, I'll have to post that later. I'm on a brand new computer now and it's not detecting my disk drive.
Also big news is that books 2 and 3 arrived and are in bookstores. One project down, two to go. I'm nearly done the listening books -- I'm going to celebrate with a nice dinner out when they're done because they've caused me a lot of stress. Then it's on to another series aimed at preschoolers. I'm really psyched that by the time baby comes, I'll have 9 books out!Poor Toto...We dropped her off at the pet salon on the way to the hospital today. It was a stressful day for her and she's pretty tired now. I think she got manhandled a bit, but at least the guy didn't use any drugs, and he didn't cut her at all. It was kind of funny when we went to pick her up. The guy was finishing up, clipping her fur while smoking a cigarette. We wanted him to leave a centimetre of fur so she wouldn't be completely naked, but he said she was too badly matted and it all needed to come off. He was probably right, but she looks just hideous. I can't wait for it to start growing back! He also commented on her weight issue, saying to put her on a diet. Problem is, she doesn't eat any people food or cat treats (won't touch either), and she really doesn't eat that much. I think it's just laziness, so I'm going to try to play with her more often. She's sleeping soundly now. If anyone wants the groomer's phone number (he does cats and dogs) or directions to his shop in Chungmuro, just say so. He did a good job. Here's a before photo and an after video.


Cairo Mama said...

Congratulations on the books!

Did they even give you a hint on the sex during the ultrasound?

Sarah said...


Nope... actually, I wasn't that impressed with the ultrasound technicians today. I'll email you later. ;)

Anonymous said...

Toto looks pissed :(
yeah!! books!! very exciting!

Aaron said...

Toto's one helluva nice cat, so I doubt she'd ever say anything but yeah, she looks mighty unsatisfied with her new hairstyle.

I was actually about to ask for the groomer's contact info - not for our animals (we don't have any), but for me (cheaper than Blue Club?) - but after seeing Toto, I've reconsidered.

Sarah said...

Joanne and Aaron:

You bet she's pissed. She wasn't prepared for this at all, not having left the apartment in over 9 months.

Aaron: Cheaper than Blue Club? This was a 50K won haircut! It takes a true artist to clip an enraged cat down to its skin while smoking a cigarette at the same time!!

Anonymous said...


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