Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby-related shopping in Korea

I wanted to post some links to shopping sites in Korea. Last week I met a new friend, Karen, who has a two-year old son and is expecting her second child. Karen has only been in Korea for five months, but she's enthusiastic about being here and she's really getting out there and finding things out rather than staying in her own little community, which she could do if she wanted. Many people with the army, governments, or embassies hardly know anything about Korea and really don't need to, because they are taken care of. But I think it's great that Karen wants to get see what else is out there. It will make her time here so much more enjoyable and memorable.

Anyway, she has had lots of great advice for me about babies and baby stuff. It's a little overwhelming, all the products there are out there. Karen told me what I wanted to hear, and that's to hold off buying a lot of things until the need arises, and also to do my research. So, I'm only going to buy the things I know I'll need right away, like small-sized diapers, a few newborn sleepers (maybe one special outfit ^^), a baby carrier, and maybe a few other little things. With the convenience of online shopping in Korea, if I really needed something, I could order it and have it delivered within one or two days, so it's no use buying things that I'm not sure about.

But it doesn't hurt to look and see what my resources are, so when the time comes, I'm prepared. I've found the following links after just a bit of searching, so I will probably add to this list later, or make a new post.

First, maternity clothes. This isn't really for baby, but still necessary. Karen made a great post about maternity clothes and what you need/don't need. Here are some Korean links. Even if you don't speak Korean, it's easy enough to click around to get a sense of what they have. Then you can have a Korean friend help you out to order.

Mizmami Maternity Wear
To Be Mom
Maternity underwear
Lora (they have American brand nursing bras that go up to size G!)
Gmarket (search 임부복)

Baby stuff. There are tonnes of baby malls online. These are just a few.

Urii baby
Pretty baby
Happy mall
and of course, there's gmarket. Here's a link to baby onesies for example. Here's one to the ergo baby carrier, which I'll probably buy!

Diapers. Modern cloth diapers are available in Korea. I haven't checked them out in person yet, but I'm going to.

Babyan - Korean brand that looks promising.
Kissaluvs -American brand that imports to Korea. Thanks to Karl for that link!
diapers on Gmarket

I just thought I'd add this last link although it is not necessarily baby related. This site has IKEA products for good prices. I added it because a lot of foreigners don't know where to get furniture, or have trouble doing so. There are tonnes of places online to order furniture, but I know a lot of people like IKEA, and why not.

One thing that I CAN'T find after much searching is a rocking chair that I like. I would prefer a glider rocker, but can only find one online, and I've never seen any in furniture stores.


Market Martini said...

great blog.......

Rachel said...

Hi Sarah!
I randomly came across your blog whilst searching for websites to buy baby items in South Korea and you seem really clued up! My husband and I are expecting our first baby here in Korea in October and I was wondering if you knew of anywhjere I can buy a lie flat pram for a newborn? Any help at all would be amazing! Thanks. Rachel xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Rachel! We have a group of blog and a forum for expat moms in Korea. Send me your email address and I'll add you to the list. Tonnes of info.

There are prams like that available here. A friend bought one at the COEX baby fair, so they're around. Get on the blog/forum and we'll find one for you.

Kathryn said...

My husband is in Seoul right now and I and my 11 month old son will be joining them next week. He is having problems finding the right kind of crib we need. We would like a convertible crib since our son will be growing out of a regular crib soon enough. Do you know a local place my husband could go to get one before we get there? Thanks.

Bobo said...

Hi Sarah, i'm in seoul for a few months with my seven month old, i see u have left korea but still wondering if u could get me linked to the expat mom group. I am really hoping to connect with other moms with infants while i'm here. Thanks

Sarah said...

Hi! It's