Monday, September 1, 2008

Toto the plastic-eating cat

Thank goodness my classes canceled on me today. I've been debating all morning whether to cancel them or not, and I didn't even have to make the decision! I was going to cancel because it's pouring out and I hate traveling in Seoul in the rain, and also because I'm pretty tired. The story:

Toto got into some trouble last night and puked four times. She'll puke once or twice a week from over-eating, but four times in one night is a bit much, so I started looking for the answer. Finally I found it. In the center of our headboard, I put this pretty artificial flower some time ago. It's kind of a mini-arrangement, with some ribbon and fake ivy hanging down from the flower. The white ribbon is now all crunched up and hard, and the plastic ivy is gone, probably eaten. I don't understand this cat. She will not touch any food (cat or human) except her Pro Plan, but she'll eat plastic? I've tried giving her bacon, ham, cheese, fried chicken, everything. She just sniffs it and walks away. She won't eat any cat treats, even the nice canned stuff. Not that I'm complaining -- I hated when our dogs used to beg at dinner time. It's nice to be able to leave food on the table and not worry about it being licked. But why plastic and ribbon? Anyway, she paid for it. She's all right now, taking her daily all-day nap as usual.

Here's a great before and after shot of her sexy new haircut. She looks really weird, but she's much happier. She's running around and playing more and just seems in a better mood most of the time. I think we're going to get her shaved twice a year from now on to keep her hair under control. Especially with a baby coming, her hair floating around just isn't healthy.
Speaking of cats, Sejin and I went to the musical CATS last Friday night at Charlotte Theater in Jamsil. I've always wanted to see it, so we spent a little extra money and got first row balcony seats, which was really worth it. I've had the CD of the musical for years and am very familiar with the story and music, so finally seeing it was fantastic. It was the original London cast and I have to say I thought it was amazing. I've heard some friends say they don't like it, or it was just so-so, but I think it depends what your expectations are going in. Perhaps an appreciation for musicals helps too? I'm not sure. I just loved every second of it. Charlotte Theater was impressive too. It's a nice, small, but classy theater located right near Jamsil Station which was designed especially for musicals. This means that it's quite small (seats about 1,000), and since the seating is quite steep, there are no really "bad seats." I noticed that next up at Charlotte Theater is "Dreamgirls," but I don't know if it's the English or Korean cast. It's not very often plays and musicals are shown in English in Korea, so if you want to see something and it's in English, just go and see it, because you probably won't have another chance. It was a nice evening. We walked around Jamsil Station near Lotte World beforehand and got dinner. I forgot about the skating rink at Lotte World. Since it was a Friday, it wasn't that busy. I wouldn't recommend going on a weekend though. There are lots of restaurants and fun shops in Jamsil Station because of Lotte World. I got some fuzzy peaches and chocolate malt balls to snack on at the musical (secretly of course!). Great treats. So now that I have a whole rainy day ahead of me, I'd better be productive and get some work done, since I'm behind deadline yet again.


Cairo Mama said...

Sounds like fun (the musical, Cats, not the puking cat)! Glad your classes canceled. Sometimes you just need a break. I was hoping to go to the pool again today because Ian is loving the diving board, but the rain has forced me to complete my absentee ballot request (I am registered in Pennsylvania so my vote might actually count since it is a "swing" state), write my records request letter for Ian's birth, fill out paperwork for the midwife and scan everything into e-mail. A pain, but necessary.

Blondie Writes said...

A friend of mind had her cat cut short during the summer and winter and sanppy was the happiest cat. He also looked like a different cat.