Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The listening books are finished and I can now attempt to regain control of my life! Going out with friends today visiting Korea from Australia. Ah, I can breathe now!


Mama Seoul said...

Congratulations! I am finally starting the booties. Had to rip out three times so far: pattern reading error, increase error, accidentally knit the tail (I was really making progress on that one). So, starting for the 4th time now. Hopefully, I got it.

I want to go to Dongdaemun with you to get some yarn because I need some yarn for all the baby hats I need to make for the upcoming babies.

Maybe next week?

Sarah said...

You'll get the booties... You'll have an "ah-ha" moment I'm sure. If not I'll help you out....

Yarn shopping next week sounds heavenly. I haven't been in quite a while. I'm there!