Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Or so I thought

I'm at the end of my rope with this project. The work just does not end. I've been working for days on end (even weekends) straight. I've finished nearly all the writing, but now I have to do the vocabulary test questions, which I was assured would be easy. I'm now in the process of writing 150 questions. Then I have to fill in some totally useless exercises called "listening tips" which don't even belong in these books. Then I'll have to put the units (36) in order of difficulty. Then I'll have to write the last unit because I couldn't bring myself to stay up past 2:30 a.m. yesterday. Then there will be something else that they'll email me with to do. Looks like it's another 3:00 a.m. bedtime!

Even worse than all this work is that I don't even believe in the books. I was not involved at all in the planning process, and do not agree with how the books are laid out. I expressed this concern to the project manager at the beginning, who basically said, "Yes, you're right, but this is what my boss wants, so let's just do it this way." I would have gladly gone into their office for a meeting or planning session. Instead, I lost interest in this project very early on because I don't see any teaching philosphy behind these books! I'm merely finishing them now so that I don't soil my name with this company.

On top of it all, the pay is not good. Actually, it sounded good in the beginning, and it might sound good if I were to tell you, but I was foolish when I signed the contract. I did not realize what a massive project this was. This kind of project would have been suitable for a team of writers, not one. I am being paid the same for this project as I was for the "I Can Speak English" series for grade one kids, and that series was a piece of cake to write -- mostly pictures!! I'd say these listening books are about 5 times the work of those books. I don't even want to think about money right now...

So I guess I've kind of missed deadline again, but I don't really care because I'm beside myself with anger right now. What are they going to do -- fire me and get another sucker to finish the project? Sure.

I'm going shopping tomorrow.


Mama Seoul said...

Sorry you are so stressed! Hope you finish soon!

Oh, the lady who e-mailed me found the book she was looking for.

Anonymous said...

I've never taken on projects like that because I've always been afraid that I wouldn't make enough money for the amount of effort that I put into them. So although I can't feel your pain, I can envision it, ugh!
Fingers crossed things wrap up quickly for you.
Plans for Chuseok?